High street estate agent v online agent

The internet has revolutionised the way we buy and sell property and the online property portals have provided platforms for consumers to search and view properties online 24/7.

Over the last number of years, a new breed of estate has evolved, better known as the “online agent”

easyProperty, Purplebricks, Emoov, House Simple and Yopa are some of the most well-known online agents but there are many more trying to grab a piece of the market place.

Below are some of the pro’s and con’s for both to help you decide which model is best for you:


High street agent


  • Knowledge of the local market and the ability to tap into their database of interested buyers in that area.
  • Professional model with superior negotiating skills. These guys are selling houses every day of the week and the right agent will be a master at marketing your property and getting you the best price.
  • Managing and conducting viewings will all be taken care of as part of their fee.
  • Managing the sale process from marketing to completion. The right estate agent will take the hassle and pressure out of your house sale.


  • Can be expensive, charging anything from 0.5% to 3%.
  • You have less control over the process.


Online agent


  • You can sell your property with an online agent from as little as £99.00
  • Communicating with online estate agents can sometimes be easier as their call centres will be open late and at weekends.
  • Online agents tend to offer more tailored packages and you can pick and choose specific services.


  • An online agent may not have the same level of knowledge as a local agent when it comes to your specific location.
  • You may have to conduct viewings yourself. Do you have the confidence and communication skills to do this, as well as the time?
  • Most online agents will require you to pay up front for their services whether they sell your house or not.
  • Due to the fact that most online agents charge a one-off fee rather than commission, they may have less incentive to get you the best possible price.